Parking & Storage

Polygon is happy to provide you with the option to view and purchase available parking and storage online. Please select either Parking Stall or Storage Locker below and you will be provided with current availability and pricing. If you would like to proceed with the purchase of a parking stall or storage locker please be prepared to provide the following:

- 1 -

Full name(s) of those on Title

- 2 -

Property address, strata lot and community name

- 3 -

Copy of the Form A / Form C document which you would have received from your lawyer or notary on completion. (If the home was directly purchased from Polygon the Form A / Form C IS NOT required).

- 4 -

Bank draft payable to 'Polygon Parking Limited'

Once all required documentation and payment has been received the assignment will be processed. Execution of the legal agreement will take approximately 8-10 weeks and will be mailed by Polygon’s lawyer, Dentons Canada LLP, via post.

* Please be advised that Polygon does not buy, rent or switch stalls/lockers. If you have questions regarding this please email

I am interested in purchasing a: